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California Board Of Psychology Supervision Agreement Form

My job was to be aware of what happened in Jenny`s sessions and in our monitoring. If Jenny was projecting the older sister betrayed on me, I had to make sure I didn`t get caught. Projections are powerful, they can have their own lives. The role of the caregiver and therapist is to stay awake, to stay conscious. Here it was again; important information at the end of the session! Franny`s skid on Jenny indicated that her projection on Jenny was on. She did so at the end of the session, as Jenny had not remembered until the end of the supervision session! Neglect is a term used to encompass many situations, often a lack of action – an act of omission – in relation to a child`s needs. Neglect is most often related to an inability to meet a child`s physical needs (including food, clothing, housing, supervision and medical needs), but neglect may also be related to a failure to meet a child`s educational and emotional needs. Neglect can range from the momentary inattention of a caregiver to wilful deprivation. Isolated incidents cannot have harmful effects or, in some cases, death.

Patterns of chronic neglect can lead to severe developmental delays or severe emotional disabilities. Medical problems can be caused by malnutrition, which can lead to malformations and good health for life (Munkel, 1996). Non-organic failure (NFTT) is a disease in infants whose height and weight are less than the fifth percentile when they have been in a normal zone (Wallace, 1996). The nFTT diagnosis indicates that there is no medical or organic reason for the infant`s condition, which is why it is due to the parents` inability to physically care for the child. NFTT can lead to persistent growth problems, school failures and potential delays (Wallace, 1996). Munkel adds that extreme negligence can lead to death. «Neglected children suffer injuries in their bodies, minds, emotions and minds» (Munkel 1996, p. 115). Authors of development models (Loganbill et al., 1982; Stoltenberg – Delworth, 1987) suggest that the time is important for the discussion of parallel procedural issues. They point out that junior counsellors do not have the awareness and understanding to deal with transfer and counter-transfer issues. Without knowing how to influence the therapeutic relationship, they are more concerned with learning techniques and skills. When transfer issues are discussed, beginner advisors may become defensive and witness an increase in fear.

Doehrman (1976), for example, indicated that the only junior counsel in her study was unable to access transfer and counter-transfer issues in supervision, thereby terminating training. Current Drug And Child Neglect Control Laws and Regulations Some CPS agencies estimate that substance abuse is a factor in 70 per cent of child neglect cases they serve (Gaudin, 1993). But what is the link between addiction and neglect, in particular? A number of researchers have studied the link between substance abuse in parents` health. They found that substance abuse for parents can divert money for basic needs to buy drugs and alcohol (Munkel, 1996). The misuse of substances in the parent tree can impair the ability to maintain employment and further limit family resources (Magura-Laudet, 1996).